Zero emissions goal: what changes with the war in Ukraine?

Zero emissions goal what changes with the war in Ukraine

“Zero emissions” goal: what changes with the war in Ukraine? Climate change seems to have taken a back seat, especially due to the rise in oil prices. But the future continues to be renewable energy.

The war marked the collapse of sustainability. The rise in oil prices and the shifting balance in global geopolitics could jeopardize the Paris and COP26 agreements, which took place last autumn in Glasgow.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sadly made fossil fuels attractive to investors again, although it will be a short-term interest as Russian oil and gas dependent countries are accelerating their renewable energy programs to become independent faster.
The problem will be the delay in the emissions cuts necessary to prevent the worst effects of global warming. According to a new report by the United NationsIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Earth’s temperature will increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 20 years, which will alarmingly put the environment at risk.

War in Ukraine: the effects on the environment

The war has caused concerns for the environment. For example, due to the high oil prices, even if for a short time, there may be a need to return to coal, one of the most polluting fossil fuels.
Precisely for this reason, we are even more motivated to be independent from carbon producing fuels. Currently, the countries producing 90% of global emissions are committed to carbon neutrality agreements. A strong acceleration towards renewable energy is the hope for many above all the young people of the Greta Generation.
Consequently, there is an urgent need for a global and structural intervention on the entire energy sector with fewer taxes and better differentiation of sources and supplies, while always keeping an eye on sustainability, obviously. 

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