Which are the Toughest U.S. Cities to Find Parking? Find out more here!

Toughest U.S. Cities to Find Parking
Ah, traffic!
Whoever lives in a big city knows very well how stressful it is driving around to find a vacant parking spot. Going around in circles looking for a place to park means taking precious time away from work, family, friends and personal life in general.
Furthermore, this frustration for motorists seems to be growing every day. The number of parking spots may appear to be a minor factor but actually, it has a great impact on a city’s liveability. This is a problem that needs to be addressed urgently, especially considering that, in the last decade, urban areas have experienced extraordinary population growth. A trend that will certainly not slow down in the coming years.
What does that mean? An increase in urban concentration would result in a significant increase in the number of cars, therefore, making cities more traffic-clogged and with fewer parking spaces. But this parking war not only causes stress but also negatively affects the city traffic and the environment: vehicles that move even more slowly along the roads, drivers who leave their engines running while searching for parking spaces, illegal parking (like parking over the line or obstructing sidewalks, driveways, private car parks etc.)  and ultimately all these activities can also cause accidents and worsen air and noise pollution.
In smart cities, where environmental sustainability and mobility are key concepts, there is an intelligent traffic management system because the goal is to reduce pollution and improve citizens’ quality of life.Milan, Naples, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Moscow are just some of the cities facing the lack of parking spots on a daily basis.
But do you know which are the five worst cities for parking in the USA?Let’s find out together!


Here is the ranking of the 5 worst US cities to park: 

With the relaxation of restrictions related to anti-COVID-19 measures and the long-awaited return to normal, people have started going out again repopulating roads with their cars.
If you live and drive in cities like Chicago, Washington D.C. or New York, this will likely mean endless hours stuck in traffic and wandering around to find a vacant parking spot.
But now let’s start with the top 5 worst cities to park in the USA


5. Los Angeles, California

Hours spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic lanes, especially during peak hours, not to mention/let alone the fuel prices!
We are talking about Los Angeles, one of the worst cities to drive around in the USA. And to make matters worse, parking becomes a problem too because you have to drive around in such congested traffic for hours before being able to park your car.
Did you know?
It is estimated that a person commuting through Los Angeles regularly loses more than 60 hours every year due to being stuck in traffic.


4. San Francisco, California

If you find yourself in San Francisco, be careful when driving because of its steep streets! And what about parking? Although there is an abundance of parking spots across the city, you need to have a special parking permit for most street parking spaces.

And now let’s move to the podium!

The bronze medal goes to …


3. Washington, D.C.

Like most national capitals across the world, the capital city of the United States is the political hub of the country which is home to hundreds of federal buildings and political activities/events happening around the clock. Therefore, most parking spaces are reserved for politicians and their staff, reporters, etc. who live or work in the city.

And the silver medal goes to…


2. New York City, New York 

If you are visiting the Big Apple by car, be aware that parking at the busier boroughs can really cost you a fortune, but that’s not all. You will likely drive around for a while before finding a free parking space, especially in busier boroughs like Manhattan! But if you don’t want to drive or take a taxi, don’t worry, there is always a plan B: you can park on the outskirts and take public transport to get to the city.

So, drum roll, the city that wins the gold medal in the category “worst city in the US to park” is …


1. Chicago, Illinois

If you are in Chicago, be aware that it has only 25% parking lots/garages for every 1,000 vehicles and very few metered parking stations. Plus, any paying parking lot or garage will cost you a fortune.
But these aren’t the only cities dealing with parking problems.
Boston, Miami, Seattle and Detroit to fall into the top 10.

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