The easiest cars to park in the city 

The easiest cars to park in the city 

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What are the easiest cars to park in the city?

First, regardless of the car, looking for a parking space in an urban area can be a real nightmare for most motorists.  They often already have to spend a lot of time simply driving their car, whether it be for business or pleasure. The real pain, though, that many dread is once they get to their final destination and have found a place to park because it can mean:

  • driving in circles, wasting time and fuel; 
  • seeing poorly parked cars due to motorists occupying more than one  space;  
  • noticing the trend that parking spaces are becoming increasingly rarer, especially in the city centers;
  • worrying about entering restricted city areas that can only be reached by public or alternative transport such as scooters.

The parking space: a mirage in big cities

In big cities, parking spaces are often a mirage: about 30% of city traffic consists of motorists looking for a parking space. So that’s why various car manufacturers are trying to lessen this burden by focusing on smart technologies such as parking sensors, backup cameras, ease of maneuvering, or even park assist systems (automated parking aid technology) which helps drivers to park more easily.

The most wanted city cars 

For these reasons, more motorists are investing in city cars that are reduced in size (just over 3 meters in length), easy to maneuver, and perhaps equipped with a rear-view camera and parking sensors.
As well as this, more people are opting for electric models.
But now let’s find out in detail the easiest cars to park.

The easiest car models to park

Smart EQ ForTwo

With its 2.69 meter length and original and exclusive look, the 3-door Smart EQ Fortwo remains the queen of micro-city cars par excellence. It’s great for maneuvering as well due to its distinctly wide back window that provides better rear visibility.
There is also the impressive Smart EQ Forfour. With its 4 seats enclosed in 3.49 meters of length, it has immediately become a must among city car fans.
Both these models are only available as 100% Electric Vehicles.

Fiat 500

Italy’s iconic people’s car – Fiat 500 is certainly ideal for city driving and parking in tight spaces thanks to its small size (3.57 meters and 4 seats), light steering, and good all-round visibility that facilitates maneuvering and parking.

Citroën C1

We must also mention the distinctive Citroën C1 enclosed in 3.47 meters, (for both the 3- and 5-door versions). Some of its features are:  good visibility, very low fuel consumption, and a wide range of customizations.

Peugeot e-208

The French Peugeot also has an electric car, the e-208. It’s a 4.06-meter-long lightweight car with sporty lines and interesting technological equipment.

BMW i3

It is also definitely worth mentioning the elegant BMW i3, a futuristic-looking electric car with an excellent automated parking system. For those who want to avoid range anxiety, the i3 model also features an optional gasoline engine for range extension.

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