Sustainability: Made-in-Italy sand batteries are on the way

Sustainability: Made-in-Italy sand batteries are on the way


Made-in-Italy sand batteries are on their way, a further step towards sustainability.
This incredible patent comes from Magaldi Green Thermal Energy, a start-up, founded in 2021 from Magaldi Power the world’s leading player in dependable and environmentally friendly bulk and abrasive material handling systems.
Magaldi Green Energy’s clean energy storage system (MGTES) was the protagonist at the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi, one of the most important energy and sustainability events in the world. This event was held at the National Exhibition Center (ADNEC) last January.

How does the Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES) system work?

The Magaldi Green Thermal Energy Storage (MGTES) system is a technology that utilizes a fluidized bed of silica sand particles as the storage medium-powered exclusively by renewable energy.
The system can be charged with excess electrical and thermal energy and is capable of storing renewable energy for short  (<4 hours) to long duration (over 10 hours) and then releasing it in the form of heat when sun and wind are not available.
Thanks to this innovative storage system, MGTES stores excess energy and releases it when needed.

Advantages of the sand fluidization system

The sand fluidization system presents significant advantages:

  • large thermal storage capacities (up to the order of GWh);
  • high thermal efficiency;
  • fast response times;
  • no environmental impact, thanks to the use of natural materials.

The challenge of MGTES is to revolutionize the energy sector by overcoming the intermittency of renewable energy

MGTES can revolutionize the energy sector by overcoming the intermittent nature of renewable energy. This means being able to use the energy of the wind and the sun even when neither is available.
Thanks to the quality and commitment in the research and development of environmental sustainability-oriented technologies, Magaldi Green Energy has joined the prestigious Ldes Council – Long-Duration Energy Storage Council as a Technology Provider.
Held in Glasgow, Scotland COP26 was the most recent United Nations Conference on Climate Change. At this event, Ldes Council was at the forefront in promoting solutions, technologies and policies aimed at achieving carbon neutrality, i.e. net-zero emissions, and 100% renewable production.
Did you know that guaranteeing an entirely sustainable industrial production is one of the challenges we have always pursued at Sotefin?

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