SOS Traffic: China and its parking problem

Statistics show that 30% of traffic congestion problems in China are caused by the difficulty of finding parking, while 48% of vehicles have to wait in line to enter and exit parking spaces. With the number of cars on China’s roads steadily increasing, this parking issue is becoming a top priority.

As we know, China is a vast and highly populated country, just think that its inhabitants are over a billion. It should therefore not surprise us that one of the biggest problems that the country suffers from is the heavy traffic in its megacities.

In recent years, in fact, there has been an enormous growth in vehicle sales, an increase that has unleashed chaos in several cities, especially in the oldest and most residential neighborhoods.

We can all imagine the consequences, since it’s the same all over the world: we are talking about the parking problems that generate congestion which in turn causes nervousness and frustration everywhere, and undermines everyone’s safety.

And although a total of 400 trillion yuan (US $ 58.85 trillion) has been spent on improving parking in recent years, Chinese motorists still struggle to pull over in urban areas, with many forced to take the risk of parking fines since they illegally park on sidewalks, pedestrian squares, cycle paths and even bus stops.


The solution to the parking problem in China

According to data released by Zhiyan Consulting Network, the number of car ownership in China is expected to reach 360 million by 2025. By 2025, 600 million parking spaces will be needed. However, there are only 250 million currently.

To address this problem, the country is focusing on smart parking, a set of systems that combine digital technologies based on the IoT (Internet of Things) and data collection via parking sensors in order to find free parking spaces in precise areas of the city or to identify parking spaces for the disabled or for specific categories of users.

Smart parking solutions also include automated parking which allows you to park double the number of vehicles compared to traditional parking. Do you want to find out more about Sotefin automatic car parks? Click here!

The image shows a full parking lot in China.

Author: wangjuliang | Credits: 东方早报

Intertraffic China 2023

The parking issue in China is so acute that every year the country hosts, alternately between Beijing and Shanghai, Intertraffic China, an important regional trade fair for the field of mobility and transport.

The fair showcases the best solutions and innovations inherent in five main areas:

  • infrastructure (roads, lighting, railways, bridges…);
  • traffic and transport management (monitoring, control, real-time information…);
  • safety (signs, traffic lights, emergency management…);
  • parking (services, equipment, monitoring systems…);
  • smart mobility (electric vehicles, safety equipment, assisted driving…).

The purpose of the event is to improve regional traffic problems by offering national and international solutions, as well as to build an interesting business platform for all service providers, manufacturers and institutional representatives of these sectors.

This year the fair will be held from 24 to 26 July 2023 in Shanghai. To find out more click here!