The Muse automatic car park

Capacity: 208 parking spaces
Entrance and exit areas: 2
Type of use: Residential Car Park
Year of initiation: 2018

The MUSE Building – Miami

This automated car park is part of a luxurious sky-tower located in a prestigious area of Miami.
The automated parking system is well suited to the vertical development of the building and makes it possible to exploit all the available spaces by compacting the space dedicated to parking vehicles.
Two entry and exit areas can be reached via a large private access route and the user simply has to activate the car parking or retrieval operations.
The parking area is visible through the building’s spectacular plate glass windows and the movement of the parking equipment enhances the features of this truly impressive construction.
26 floors of the building have been reserved for parking 208 cars in approximately 4000m2 slab. The private apartments have been built on the upper floors.
Your car will always be safe. Access to the parking area is strictly prohibited to any type of user and so it is rather as if the car were kept directly in the apartment.