Daman at DIFC automatic car park
Dubai, UAE

Capacity: 900 parking spaces
Entrance and exit areas: 10
Type of use: Offices and Hotel
Year of initiation: 2014


The automated parking system installed in the Building by Daman at the DIFC is one of our most prestigious and efficient accomplishments. Located in the heart of Dubai’s financial district, the car park serves office complexes and a Hotel and can accommodate around 900 parked cars.
Perfectly integrated into the building’s architecture, it is accessible via a wide access ramp that makes it easy to reach the entry/exit level.
Access to the car park is quick and easy: the user can choose from 10 entry/exit areas the availability of which is clearly indicated by visual signals.
The layout of the parking system has been designed to allow safe and fast circulation of both inbound and outbound traffic. In particular, the safety of pedestrians is guaranteed by the fact that they do not have to cross any roads in order to drop off or pick up their vehicles. Instead they pass through an elegant central lobby that places them directly at the centre of the building, close to all the transport routes.
In addition, to ensure a continuous flow of incoming and outgoing vehicles, the system has been designed to be very efficient: it allows the handling of up to 400 vehicles per hour.