torri traslantitorri traslanti


These products, widely used for large-scale installations, combine vertical and horizontal movement in a single device. They therefore feature good performance ratings but have to move in an empty space. Various types have been designed in order to optimize the price/performance ratio.
All our traversing towers can be equipped with devices to turn vehicles around.


This is the classic traversing tower suitable for use in medium-large car parks. It can move vertically over large height differences (up to 7 floors) and can also reach good speeds.

torre traslante tt


This is a smaller version of the TT traversing tower and can reach a maximum of 4 floors in height. It is ideal for medium-small sized structures, for private use.

torre traslante ttg


Twin column traversing tower. Product developed on the basis of the TTG model but with two columns instead of one. Ideal for medium-small sized structures, for private use.

torre traslante ttgb

TR fixed rotating tower

This product, developed specifically for circular installations, incorporates a rotating function in place of a traversing movement. The fact that vertical and rotating movements are performed simultaneously makes this system very fast. Perfect for private and public car parks of not more than 100 units. It can reach a maximum of 8 floors in height.

torre traslante tr