Undercarriages are devices designed for the vehicle to be transported horizontally so that it is positioned in front of its designated parking space or to the entrance and exit areas. They can be combined with a Vertical Transporter.
The know-how and design of this particular product is the true added value of Sotefin SA. Over the last 50 years there have been a number of patents related to this product, held by Sotefin SA and which are a real asset of wisdom. The first company patent dating back to 1964 is in fact linked to an undercarriage model. The Sofetin SA undercarriages are the real reference point in the industry. This means they are frequently copied and imitated, which, in addition to being a source of corporate pride, also serves as a stimulus for all of our staff to increase the technological and design gap which sets Sotefin SA apart from its competitors.

This machinery is used to move vehicles horizontally inside the car park.
It’s a widely used, reliable and fast product. It can be used in numerous different car park configurations. It can be combined with a vertical transporter to move between the various floor levels of a car park or used individually on a specific level.


This model is characterized by the fact that it moves directly on the slab of the central lane.

Shuttles L


This model is differentiated by the fact that it moves on the edges of the storage area.

Shuttle H