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parcheggi auto computerizzati


Sotefin SA, thanks to its series of products, is able to satisfy almost every need: from small to large installations for fixed and casual users. Our systems, thanks to stringent checks, guarantee high performance in extremely limited spaces, user-friendliness and easy maintenance, security and reliability.

Sotefin products are developed to meet the highest operative and qualitative standards in this sector. The fact that installations carried out over 40 years ago are still operational demonstrates the reliability of these products.

Sotefin products can satisfy almost all requirements relating to size and performance. In particular, the great versatility of Sotefin products allows parking systems to be developed practically “made to measure” both for new buildings, integrating them into existing structures, and buildings needing renovation. Each individual product is appropriately combined in a system suited to satisfying client requirements.

transfer carriages
Vertical transporters
Traversing towers
Pallet systems


Sotefin automated parking systems are custom designed.

Our extensive experience in this field has enabled us not only to patent innovative products but also to perfect a design flexibility that has always been one of our company’s distinguishing features. We have created different types of products to better adapt to the different features of the buildings and the equirements of our customers. In particular, we have focused on developing pallet-less systems, based on the use of carriages to transport the cars, so as not to have the size restrictions imposed by pallet systems.

We are proud to be the inventors and patent holders of very well-known transfer carriages in the sector, such as Silopark™, Interpark™, Silomat™ and Compupark™.
Whether there is a need to park a large or small number of vehicles, for public or private users, for residential apartment complexes, offices, private houses, hotels, hospitals, car dealerships, airports, theatres etc., we can provide the solution that best suits the customer’s needs.