Parking tips for beginners

Parking tips for beginnersHere are 5 valuable tips for beginners.

Getting a driver’s license is one of the most exciting milestones for many 16-year-olds. They begin with drivers education at school, then they study to pass the theoretical test, and finally they have to take the most challenging and feared part: the practical driving test.
But do you know what’s the most anxiety-provoking part of this test that many aspiring drivers slip up on?  Perhaps you can guess. Yes, when you have to park.
In fact, parking is perhaps one of the most complicated maneuvers.  But, even if you’re a beginner, don’t be discouraged.  It will take some time to improve your parking skills. However, with the right concentration, a good eye and a lot of practice, you will be able to make parking easy.
Even if you got your license ages ago, maybe you don’t drive your vehicle very often or when you do, you always park your car in large and easily accessible places so you may have lost your parking skills. Therefore, perhaps it’s time to review some techniques in order to save time, fit in more available spaces and avoid having an accident.

Here are 5 tips to learn how to park.

1)   Do a lot of practice

When you are a beginner, parking in traffic areas may not be a pleasant experience. First, train elsewhere, maybe in a low-traffic area, possibly where there are no cars. But above all, practice maneuvers that might cause you stress, such as reverse parking, one of the most difficult parking techniques. Learning to park will thus be a little easier.

 2)   Don’t forget the turn signals

You are driving and you suddenly notice a parking space. So, what do you do first? Slow down and activate the turn signals. Using them will allow you to park calmly avoiding sudden braking and rear-end collisions.

 3)   Do not attempt impossible parking

Learn to park step by step: if you are not confident enough with parking, don’t rush into tight parking spaces! Look for large spaces, even if they are further away from your destination. Remember practice makes perfect and in time you will have no problem parking even in small and tight areas.

 4) Use the mirrors

This is the basic rule you should always keep in mind! Always check there are no overtaking cyclists or mopeds on the side where you intend to park. When you reserve park remember both side and rear view mirrors are extremely useful for checking if you are getting too close to the sidewalk or the car parked behind you.

 5) Keep calm

You will probably be nervous and afraid at first, especially if you live in a big city where patience is certainly not a virtue. Typical scenario: you find a spot but there is very little space and the person behind you is in a hurry. You start the parking maneuver but you struggle and then the driver behind you begins to honk impatiently. At this point, try to stay calm. If the space is too difficult to get into, don’t insist. Instead, look for an easier parking space.

Don’t worry, step by step you will gain more confidence and will be able to park even in the most tight parking spaces!
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