Apple Car Debut Delayed Again: New Launch Date set for 2026

Discover the latest news about the long-awaited Apple Car and the new launch date scheduled for 2026.

The Apple Car is one of the most exciting new projects in recent years, but unfortunately, delays continue to push back its possible debut. After numerous rumors and speculations, it appears that the elusive Cupertino car, also known as Project Titan, will not be available before 2026.

According to sources close to the company as reported by Bloomberg, Apple has decided to scale down the project due to the technological challenges associated with fully autonomous driving. The new plan, therefore, envisions a more traditional vehicle equipped with technology for fully autonomous driving but only on highways. While drivers will be able to engage in other activities during the journey, they will be prompted to take control of the steering wheel in case of adverse weather conditions or other emergencies. Manual driving will still be necessary within cities.

Among the leaked rumors, this futuristic car—which, we remind you, will be fully electric—seems to herald an innovative full-screen dashboard with a selective display.

But let’s delve into the details of this innovative screen that promises a truly cutting-edge driving experience.

Apple Car: A Revolutionary Driving Experience with a huge Advanced Screen

In recent days, news has emerged about a patent filed by Apple in the United States regarding the display. The screen that will be installed inside the vehicle appears to be truly revolutionary. Naturally, it will be a touch screen, and above all, it will be as large as the entire dashboard.

The so-called “display with directional backlighting in temporal sequence” would allow the driver to see navigation information while a passenger can enjoy watching a movie or a YouTube clip without those images being visible to the person behind the wheel, thus preventing distractions.

The basic idea of the Apple Car is to make the car an entertainment center for passengers, allowing them to have fun during the journey, while the driver receives only essential information such as battery status, speed, external temperature, and the map to follow, along with the car’s status.

Custom sensors are also expected, including lidar and radar, in addition to cameras. This configuration helps the car determine its position, see the lanes, and assess the distance from other objects and people.

Apple is also reportedly considering the idea of a remote control center to assist drivers and control the cars remotely during emergencies, as well as offering its own insurance program to customers.

As for the price of this supercar? According to the latest news gathered by Bloomberg, there is talk of a price reduction, starting from less than $100,000.

But who will manufacture it?

The image shows an Apple Car design concept created by the American company Vanarama, which took inspiration from various Apple patents.

Vanarama design Source: Bloomberg via The Verge

Who will build the Apple Car

The company is still seeking a technology partner and has met with various suppliers to develop a platform for electric vehicles.

The mythical car has already been associated with the Canadian company Magna, which specializes in producing auto components and manufacturing cars on behalf of third parties, as well as Hyundai from South Korea.

Regarding the batteries, Cupertino is reportedly targeting the Asian market. LG Energy Solution (LGES), SK On, and Samsung SDI from South Korea are among the potential candidates to supply batteries for cars sold in the USA, while vehicles for the Chinese market will have batteries from local suppliers such as CATL and BYD.

What will it look like? The car you see in these images is purely hypothetical. It is a design concept created by the American company Vanarama, which took inspiration from various Apple patents.

What is certain is that the Apple Car will undoubtedly be a precious gem of a car to take care of. Do you know where? In Sotefin parking lots: secure, well-lit, and frequented areas where there is no risk of theft or vandalism!

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