London and Austin are the smart cities of the future

The data-collecting platform ProptechOS has published a ranking of the ten cities best prepared to become smart cities, including London and Austin.

According to the ProptechOS report dedicated to the development of smart cities, London and Austin lead as the “smart cities” most ready to welcome emerging technologies and, therefore, face a smart city future.

The research looked at 11 factors that fall into the categories of technology infrastructure and connectivity, technology-driven labor market, and sustainability.

But let’s see them in detail.

How to measure the intelligence of a city

The 11 factors that fall within the 3 key categories identified by the OECD, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, are:

  •       Technological infrastructure and connectivity. Free Wi Fi, broadband download speed, airport availability, number of IoT companies in total and per 100,000 of the population, number of 5G towers.
  •       Green infrastructure. The number of charging points for public electric vehicles, the number of green certified buildings.
  •       Technology-driven labor market. The number of technology-related jobs in total and per 10,000 people employed.

The smartest cities in the USA and Europe

Austin, Texas takes first place in the US ranking as the smartest city  most ready for the future. Los Angeles and Seattle follow in the standings.

The image shows the ranking of the smartest US cities according to the ProptechOS report. In first place we find Austin, followed respectively by Los Angeles and Seattle.

© ProptechOs

As for Europe, the winner is London. Amsterdam and Berlin complete the podium.

The image shows the ranking of the smartest European cities according to the ProptechOS report. In first place we find London, followed respectively by Amsterdam and Berlin.

© ProptechOs


The cities that will thrive in the future will be the ones best adapted to our new and greener ways of living. By looking at a range of factors, including tech infrastructure, sustainability, and the tech-driven job market, we were able to get a better picture of the U.S. and European cities will be leading the way into a smarter future,” said Erik Wallin, founder and ecosystem manager at ProptechOS.

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