How to solve parking issues with the automated parking systems

In big cities, parking spaces are often a mirage: about 30% of city traffic consists of motorists looking for a parking space. Among the possible solutions to this problem are automatic parking systems.

Parking, as we know, can be a major source of stress for motorists, especially in cities where they create big traffic jams and pollution.

For those who spend a lot of time in the car, whether it’s for work or pleasure, The real pain, though, that many dread is once they get to their final destination and have found a place to park because it can mean:

  • driving in circles, wasting time and fuel; 
  • seeing poorly parked cars due to motorists occupying more than one space;  
  • noticing the trend that parking spaces are becoming increasingly rarer, especially in the city centers;
  • worrying about entering restricted city areas that can only be reached by public or alternative transport such as scooters.

How to solve this problem? With mechanized automatic parking!


The importance of mechanized automatic parking for urban mobility

Mechanized automatic parking systems represent an innovative and efficient solution for urban mobility, which offers a number of advantages for both motorists and the city. Let’s see them better in detail.

  1. Efficient use of space: Mechanized automatic parking systems use space efficiently, especially in urban areas where space is limited. Thanks to mechanized technology, car parks can stack cars vertically or horizontally, reducing the need for space and increasing the number of vehicles that can be parked in a given area. In this way, mechanized automatic parking can help solve the problem of parking scarcity in cities.
  2. Reduction of road congestion and pollution: Mechanized self-parking can help reduce road congestion and pollution in cities. By reducing the time needed to find a parking space, traffic and therefore air and noise pollution are also reduced. Furthermore, mechanized automatic parking can be located in peripheral areas of the city, avoiding the traffic in the city center and thus reducing the environmental impact.
  3. Safety for cars and drivers: Mechanized automatic parking reduces the risk of damage to cars and motorists. Thanks to mechanized technology, cars are parked with pinpoint precision without the need for complex maneuvers, reducing the risk of collisions or damage. In addition, mechanized automatic parking lots are equipped with advanced security systems that protect cars and users during parking and collection.
  4. Greater efficiency in using space: Mechanized automatic car parks are able to use space more efficiently than traditional car parks. Thanks to mechanized technology, it is possible to increase the number of cars that can be parked in a limited space, even using parking areas that are difficult to access, such as basements and basements.

In summary, mechanized automatic parking represents an innovative and efficient solution for urban mobility. They use space efficiently, reduce road congestion and pollution, providing more safety for cars and drivers.


Introducing Sotefin mechanized automatic parking systems

The intelligent parking systems that we offer are ideal for solving the problem of unobtainable parking spaces.

Our strengths?

  • We design small, medium and large automated parking systems;
  • We develop bespoke solutions for new buildings or buildings under refurbishment;
  • We offer great flexibility in designing your automated parking system;
  • We optimize space;
  • We assist you every step of the way during the project;
  • We keep operating costs low.


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