Global market overview of automated parking systems

With increasing urbanisation and the steady rise in the number of vehicles on the road, the effective management of parking space has become an increasingly critical challenge. In response to this need, automated parking systems are gaining ground in the global market, offering innovative solutions to optimise the use of space and improve the parking experience. Let’s analyse together the trends, challenges and opportunities in this fast-growing sector.


Market growth and drivers

Global market for this product is experiencing significant advancement, driven by several key factors: increasing urbanisation, rising vehicle traffic, and the search for intelligent solutions to manage parking efficiency. In addition, cities are increasingly adopting sustainable mobility policies, encouraging the implementation of systems that reduce the environmental impact.


Types of automatic parking systems

  1. Robotic parking: these systems are emerging as an effective solution, especially in densely populated urban environments. They use robots to position vehicles precisely, optimising available space.
  2. Assisted parking systems: these technologies are becoming increasingly common in production vehicles. Sensors and cameras help drivers park safely, reducing the risk of accidental damage.
  3. Automatic multilevel parking: in this case, verticality is exploited to maximise space. They can be implemented in both underground car parks and elevated structures, offering an efficient solution in areas with horizontal space limitations.
  4. Sensor-based intelligent parking systems: sensor networks are used to detect the availability of spaces. The information is then transmitted to drivers via mobile apps or road signs, simplifying the parking search.


Global challenges and opportunities

Despite growing adoption, the global market in this sector faces several challenges. Initial implementation costs can be an obstacle for many organisations and cities. However, with growing environmental awareness and the adoption of electric vehicles pushing towards more sustainable and intelligent solutions, the opportunities are considerable.


Key market trends

  1. Integration with electric and autonomous vehicles: considering the increasing integration of solutions suitable for these emerging technologies, the shift towards electric and autonomous vehicles is influencing the design of parking systems.
  2. Smart cities parking systems: cities are increasingly embracing smart city concepts, incorporating automatic parking systems into their infrastructure to improve urban mobility and sustainability.
  3. Mobile app development and IoT connection: mobile apps that provide real-time information on parking availability are becoming increasingly popular, connecting drivers with IoT-based systems.


To sum up, the global market for automatic parking systems is going through a phase of rapid growth and transformation. Technological innovations, growing environmental awareness, and traffic management needs are driving the adoption of advanced solutions worldwide. While challenges persist, opportunities for more efficient, intelligent, and sustainable parking are continually expanding, paving the way for a future where parking becomes a smoother and more integrated experience in urban life.

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Source: Sotefin