Electric cars: how they work, pros and cons

Electric car pros and cons

Pros and cons of an eletric car

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Traveling towards… the electric! Electric vehicles are now ready to revolutionize the urban mobility of our cities. But do you really know how an electric car works and what are its advantages? Let’s find out together.

When we talk about electric cars, we usually also think about the future. Many countries, in fact, believe that there are increasingly more advantages of this type of car hence the continuous state incentives.

But what is an electric car and how does it work?

Electric car: how does it work? 

The electric car is a vehicle that uses only electricity thanks to the use of powerful, latest generation batteries. In fact, its engine uses the electrical energy accumulated by the lithium-ion battery, transforming it into the mechanical energy necessary to make the car move.

Unlike those powered by diesel and petrol, electricity is safer for the environment, because it offers clean mobility with zero emissions: very often it comes from renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics.

How to charge an electric car?

Charging an electric car is easy and can be done anywhere there is a public charging station or a domestic electrical outlet.

How long does it take? The charging times vary according to the type of battery and the mode of access to the electricity grid.

How much autonomy does an electric car have? 

An aspect that is still considered the Achilles’ heel of every electric car is the battery capacity that doesn’t last very long.

For models equipped with lithium batteries, this varies from 100 to 500 miles, but there are other factors that influence longevity of the battery such as the driving style adopted by the driver.

However, the market is always looking for new solutions. Among these is a recent NASA research that could really revolutionize the sector. In fact, it is in talking stage the development of an innovative battery pack that is lighter, safer and with better performance than the batteries commonly used today in vehicles and large electronic devices.

What are the advantages of buying an electric car? 

Electric cars offer several benefits, both personal and environmental. Let’s review them together. 

      Free access to the ZTL (limited traffic areas) and the possibility to park for free on the blue lines.

      Reduced fuel costs: Electric cars consume very little, especially when compared to petrol and diesel cars.

      Comfort: the electric car immediately stands out for its ease of driving, perfect for those who live in the city, thanks to its smooth acceleration.

      Reduction of harmful emissions to the environment and less noise pollution: in terms of CO2, electric cars pollute much less than combustion ones; they are also much quieter than traditional ones and allow you to move around while respecting the urban environment.

      Maintenance: interventions are faster, simpler and cheaper.

      State incentives: there are numerous state incentives for the purchase of electric or hybrid cars and motorcycles.

What are the disadvantages of buying an electric car?

Despite all the pros mentioned above, however, there are also a number of cons, especially due to the recent Russian-Ukrainian situation.

      High expense of recharging: today, precisely because of the exorbitant increases in the price of energy, recharging an electric car has become costly. Indeed, in some cases, it is more expensive than a traditional car.

      Battery disposal: although electric cars pollute less, the process of disposing of car batteries – if not carried out in the most appropriate ways – could be a truly anti-ecological operation.

      Limited range: as mentioned before, electric cars have a shorter range than diesel and petrol cars, and even compared to hybrid ones. Consequently, green vehicles have little appeal in the eyes of those who – for personal or work reasons – often have to make long journeys by car.


Despite everything, for now, electric models remain the best ecological alternative to conventional cars, which, as we know, are destined to disappear over the next few years.

In fact, the only goal that remains for sure is the fight against climate change, a commitment that Sotefin has maintained for a long time, find out how here!