Sotefin parcheggi automatici

Sotefin is a Swiss company that has been designing, manufacturing and selling automated parking systems for over 60 years, drawing on the extraordinary wealth of expertise that its staff of skilled technicians and engineers bring into play on a daily basis, together with their passion, commitment and professionalism.
Sotefin’s position as a global leader in this industry is rooted in its ability to develop new and winning technologies and to continually innovate its products, its absolute reliability, and an operational flexibility that allows it to meet almost every specific customer requirement.
Sotefin’s real added value is its design know-how. Over the years, the company has built up a substantial wealth of intellectual property and it now holds a large number of patents; Silopark™, for example, was the company’s first patent and dates back to 1964.

Being the industry benchmark also means being constantly imitated and copied; as well as being a source of corporate pride, this constitutes a further incentive for all the staff to continually increase the design and technological gap which, including through the adoption of extremely high quality standards and the creation of ever more sophisticated software, has allowed the company to achieve over 60 years of success in the design and construction of automated parking systems.

We are able to operate at the global level thanks to its efficient internal organization, precise coordination and control activity, and by drawing exclusively on the collaboration of renowned companies.

industry benchmark

• Design of small, medium and large parking systems
• Tailor made solutions for either new and restored buildings
• Great project flexibility
• High space optimization
• Assistance through all the phases of realization
• Lowest operating costs



On a like for like basis, automated parking allows on average double the number of vehicles to be parked compared to traditional parking. Wherever there is high urban density, the financial profitability of using these systems is undeniable. As well as reducing space requirements, they also allow for lower costs for the construction of the building.
The advantages, which are not just limited to the financial aspects, can be summarized as follows.

This is a green choice: the machinery that moves the cars is electromechanical, so does not pollute; besides, by avoiding the circulation of vehicles within the parking area, it limits the emission of harmful gases inside the structure.

the areas where users leave or retrieve their cars are larger than traditional parking areas. Vehicle parking and retrieval by users is therefore easier. There’s no need to remember where the car is parked or to take long flights of stairs or lifts to reach it.

the car is parked in an area that is physically closed-off to the public. So there’s no risk of theft or vandalism. Moreover, the areas transited by users are busy and well-lit. So there is no risk of having any unpleasant encounters.

Simple: vehicle delivery and retrieval operations are extremely simple. Both operations are activated by swiping a card in front of a special card reader. Where applicable, it is possible to start a retrieval operation through a specific App.
SOTEFIN solutions stand out for their versatility, reliability and technological innovation.
Our designers and technicians are at your disposal to find the best solution to suit your needs.