Sotefin – Automated Parking Systems

Sotefin is a Swiss company with over 60 years’ experience in designing and building automated parking systems.

Over the years, the company has registered a wealth of international patents, including Silopark™, the company’s first patent dating back to 1964.

Sotefin parcheggi automatici

Here are a few of the reasons behind the success of Sotefin as a global market leader:

  • Our ability to constantly innovate our product range and develop new and groundbreaking technologies;
  • Total reliability;
  • High operational flexibility, enabling us to meet the specific demands of our client;
  • The use of sustainable of materials and technologies, more and more important in our effort to protect our planet.

Being a market leader drives our staff to further cement our position in terms of design and technological expertise. By adopting excellence as a standard and by developing increasingly sophisticated software packages, Sotefin has been very successful in designing and building high-quality automated car parking systems.

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Passion, commitment, professionalism and experience are at the core of our company:

• We design small, medium and large automated parking systems;
• We develop bespoke solutions for new buildings or buildings under refurbishment;
• We offer great flexibility in designing your automated parking system;
• We optimise space;
• We assist you every step of the way during the project;
• We keep operating costs low.



Our multi-storey automated parking systems boast double the capacity of a traditional parking lot.

In today’s world, the value of urban density is exceedingly high – which makes adopting these systems undeniably profitable. Furthermore, the need for less space means lower construction costs.

Sustainability: Sotefin uses non-polluting electromechanical devices to move cars within the parking lot, preventing car circulation and minimising emissions within the building.

Comfort: Our parking and collection areas are larger than traditional parking lots, which makes it much easier to leave and pick up your vehicle. You will no longer waste your time in finding a parking lot and you will no longer need to remember where you left your car.

Security: No more risk of theft or vandalism! Our car parks are well-lit, well-attended and not accessible to the public.

Simplicity: You will be able to park and collect your vehicle by swiping a card in front of a special reader or by using a specific App (where available) – it is that easy.

Our designers and engineers are at your disposal to find the ideal solution for you.