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How 3D printing is helping the green building sector


The need to rethink every aspect of life in the name of sustainability – in line with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda – has pushed the construction sector to find “green” and eco-sustainable production solutions (this topic was presented a few articles ago).

Green building is moving towards this direction: the set of methods for designing and constructing a building in line with the principles of environmental sustainability and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

And, as highlighted in a few articles ago, this reduction of the environmental impact can be accomplished with the use of eco-sustainable, green building materials.

In short, a rethinking of eco-friendly building and sustainable living does not only concern the design of buildings, but also their management. Technological innovation is the protagonist and finds its new developments in 3D printing.

But what is meant by 3D printing? Let’s find out together.

What is 3D printing? It’s all about additive manufacturing. 

3D printing is the process that allows you to create three-dimensional physical objects using a particular printer controlled by a computer. It starts with a digital 3D model that is transformed into a physical object by adding the material one layer

Electric car pros and cons

Electric cars: how they work, pros and cons

Traveling towards… the electric! Electric vehicles are now ready to revolutionize the urban mobility of our cities. But do you really know how an electric car works and what are its advantages? Let’s find out together.

When we talk about electric cars, we usually also think about the future. Many countries, in fact, believe that there are increasingly more advantages of this type of car hence the continuous state incentives.

But what is an electric car and how does it work?

Electric car: how does it work? 

The electric car is a vehicle that uses only electricity thanks to the use of powerful, latest generation batteries. In fact, its engine uses the electrical energy accumulated by the lithium-ion battery, transforming it into the mechanical energy necessary to make the car move.

Unlike those powered by diesel and petrol, electricity is safer for the environment, because it offers clean mobility with zero emissions: very often it comes from renewable energy sources, such as photovoltaics.

How to charge an electric car?

Charging an electric car is easy and can be done anywhere there is a public charging station or a domestic electrical outlet.

How long does it take? The charging times vary

5 Cities with the Worst Traffic in the U.S. in 2022

Living in the city offers a variety of possibilities, comforts and services, everything within reach: public facilities, meeting places, and much more…

However, living in a large center can make your day unlivable, one of the aspects that most negatively affects the quality of life in the city.

Whoever lives in a big city knows very well how stressful it is driving around to find a vacant parking spot. However, this wandering in circles trapped in the traffic not only causes stress but also negatively affects the city traffic and the environment: vehicles that move even more slowly along the roads, drivers who leave their engines running while searching for parking spaces, illegal parking… and ultimately all these activities can also cause accidents and worsen air and noise pollution.

A real daily nightmare experienced especially by those who live in the main US cities, where congestion levels are worrying.

But which are these cities? Let’s find out together the 5 cities with the worst traffic in the U.S. in 2022.

The 5 cities with the worst traffic in the USA in 2022

According to a ranking compiled by TomTom, the 5 most congested cities in the United States based

EV market under threat due to war?

The rising raw material costs caused by the war in Ukraine has put the electric car sector in the corner: the effect resulted in an increasingly marked crisis.

There has always been a lot of talk about Elon Musk’s dream of making electric cars cheaper within a few years (specifically, we are talking about producing a Tesla that would cost around 25 thousand dollars). This dream, however, was interrupted first by the outbreak of the global Covid-19 pandemic and then by the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, which, in addition to being a huge humanitarian tragedy, is increasingly bringing production down, including the automotive industry.

War in Ukraine: hybrid and electric car alert

The exorbitant cost of fuels is not the only negative aspect of using our cars. We are also now dealing with various logistical factors and shortages and higher prices of materials, due to the war.

In the last year, the costs of some relevant raw materials, especially for the Electric Vehicle (EV) market, have skyrocketed to never-seen-before levels. Both Ukraine and Russia are global supplier countries of EV battery raw materials: in particular, Ukraine produces car cabling used for electricity and communication between the parties, while Russia …

Costa Rica, a paradise of renewable energies

Did you know that Costa Rica has been named the paradise of renewable energies? The entire nation has relied almost exclusively on renewable energy for its electricity needs for almost a year. How’s this been possible? But above all, can this model be replicated?

The environmental damage caused by the exploitation of fossil resources is endangering the health of the planet and all its inhabitants. Now the objective of every country in the world is to definitively abandon the use of fossil fuel energy.

However, Costa Rica has already accomplished this by creating an eco-sustainable model that other countries can replicate.

This tiny country in Central America is a real paradise on earth when it comes to exploiting renewable energy sources: it is one of the five world leaders for the implementation of eco-sustainable policies, the use of renewable energy sources as well as one of the nations that fight most against pollution and climate change.

Costa Rica and renewable energies: a record history 

Costa Rica has gained a lot of independence from fossil fuels such as coal and oil. Since 2015 they have been breaking record after record for their superior use of solar, wind, geothermal and hydroelectric energy.

Building and sustainability: the rising of the green building materials market

The demand for sustainable building materials is growing.

In recent years, the awareness on the issue of sustainability has increased, which is why every sector of society is trying to find “green” and eco-sustainable production solutions (we talked about it a few articles ago, do you remember?).

The building sector is no exception, given that the so-called green building is now gaining a foothold around the world.

But what does the term “green building” or “green architecture” stand for? It indicates how to design, build and manage a building in line with the principles of environmental sustainability, reducing negative impacts on the environment.

This reduction of the environmental impact passes through the use of eco-sustainable, green building materials, a choice that is increasingly turning into a real revolution in the world of architecture.

But what are the requirements that a building material must possess to be sustainable?

  • it cannot be toxic or come from the synthesis of chemicals, but only from natural and renewable resources. Therefore, its use cannot harm either the planet or men;
  • it has a low impact on the environment and promotes energy saving;
  • its production process must not destabilize the ecosystem;
  • its packaging and

Woven City, the city of the future according to Toyota

Here is Woven City, the city of the future according to the carmaker Toyota, Japan’s first step towards achieving a zero-carbon society by 2050.

The well-known car manufacturer Toyota is working on the building of Woven City, its first city of the future. It will extend over an area of ​​70 hectares at the foot of Mount Fuji and will be initially populated by researchers who will work on projects such as autonomous driving, robotics, smart mobility, smart homes and artificial intelligence. As the project progresses, it will increase to over 2,000 people, including Toyota employees.

It will therefore be an eco-friendly smart city, where buildings and transport will be powered by renewable energy, to be precise, hydrogen.

But let’s see it better in detail.

The Woven City project

The Woven City project has been designed by renowned Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, CEO of the Bjarke Ingels group, the same studio that has worked on numerous high-profile projects including the Google Mountain View headquarters, New York’s new World Trade Center and is currently working at the Telosa project, the first city of the future built from scratch, do you remember it?

Building a complete city from the ground

US electric car sales hit record highs

Electric car sales finally hit record highs in the United States!

In the USA, registrations of new electric vehicles increased up to 60% in the first three months of 2022 alone, representing 4.6% of all passenger cars produced in the country. A good result, isn’t it?

The top 5 best-selling electric car models in 2021 in the US:

  1. Tesla Model Y 
  2. Tesla Model 3
  3. Ford Mustang Mach-E
  4. Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV
  5. Volkswagen ID.4

Click here for the complete ranking.

Electric cars: The US is still far behind Europe and China

So, on one side there are Europe and China and on the other side there is the United States: in 2021 in the Old Continent electric cars represented 14% of the total cars sold, while in China they increased by 158% compared to the previous year; in the USA, on the other hand zero-emission models is only 4.6%.

However, as the new data shows, the market and politics are changing.

The electric car charging problem

One of the main obstacles to the spread of electric cars in the USA and worldwide, concerns the absence of charging stations. To date, America has approximately 113,600 stations, compared to over 280,000 in