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US electric car sales hit record highs

Electric car sales finally hit record highs in the United States!

In the USA, registrations of new electric vehicles increased up to 60% in the first three months of 2022 alone, representing 4.6% of all passenger cars produced in the country. A good result, isn’t it?

The top 5 best-selling electric car models in 2021 in the US:

  1. Tesla Model Y 
  2. Tesla Model 3
  3. Ford Mustang Mach-E
  4. Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV
  5. Volkswagen ID.4

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Electric cars: The US is still far behind Europe and China

So, on one side there are Europe and China and on the other side there is the United States: in 2021 in the Old Continent electric cars represented 14% of the total cars sold, while in China they increased by 158% compared to the previous year; in the USA, on the other hand zero-emission models is only 4.6%.

However, as the new data shows, the market and politics are changing.

The electric car charging problem

One of the main obstacles to the spread of electric cars in the USA and worldwide, concerns the absence of charging stations. To date, America has approximately 113,600 stations, compared to over 280,000 in

Benidorm is Spain’s First Smart Tourist Destination

Benidorm is Spain’s first Smart Tourist Destination. And now it’s making its debut into the Metaverse.

The spotlight is on Benidorm, the first Spanish city to obtain the “Smart Tourist Destination” certification.
What is a smart tourist? An international pioneering project that aims to guide the development of the tourism sector by incorporating innovation and technology into tourist destinations.

There are five fundamental criteria to be met in order to become part of this prestigious network:

  • governance,
  • innovation,
  • technology,
  • sustainability,
  • accessibility.

And Benidorm is Spain’s first city to meet all of them. Now let’s see what this city has to offer in better detail.

Benidorm: sustainable and technological tourist destination

“Sustainability” is the key word of Benidorm’s Costa Blanca, defined as the Miami of the Mediterranean: cars circulate between 6 and 18 miles per hour and tourists have access to electric scooters, bicycles, 9.5 square km of pedestrian areas and 83 miles of cycle paths.
As for the architecture, Benidorm has opted for vertical development that is evident with its speculator skyline located between the Sierra Gelada, Sierra Cortina and the natural sea parks, or its particular cocktail bars, defined as skybars, such as the
Planta 20, located on

Parking tips for beginners

Parking tips for beginners

Parking tips for beginnersHere are 5 valuable tips for beginners.

Getting a driver’s license is one of the most exciting milestones for many 16-year-olds. They begin with drivers education at school, then they study to pass the theoretical test, and finally they have to take the most challenging and feared part: the practical driving test.
But do you know what’s the most anxiety-provoking part of this test that many aspiring drivers slip up on?  Perhaps you can guess. Yes, when you have to park.
In fact, parking is perhaps one of the most complicated maneuvers.  But, even if you’re a beginner, don’t be discouraged.  It will take some time to improve your parking skills. However, with the right concentration, a good eye and a lot of practice, you will be able to make parking easy.
Even if you got your license ages ago, maybe you don’t drive your vehicle very often or when you do, you always park your car in large and easily accessible places so you may have lost your parking skills. Therefore, perhaps it’s time to review some techniques in order to save time, fit in more available spaces and avoid having an accident.

Here are 5 tips to learn

Will the war in Ukraine be a further push towards renewable energy?

Will the war in Ukraine be a further push towards renewable energy?

Will the war in Ukraine be a further push towards renewable energy?The war in Ukraine could be a further push towards the adoption of renewable energy.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine made Europe’s energy dependence on Russian gas and oil even more evident, and a way for Putin to blackmail Western powers.
This war has also raised two critical questions for the future: how the conflict will change energy policies in Europe and around the world, and whether there will be another reason to accelerate the shift towards renewable energy or only an excuse to revive nuclear power and use more polluting sources such as coal.

Europe’s overdependence on Russian gas

Europe imports around 40% of its gas needs from Russia, and majority of this goes to Italy, Germany and France.
This energy dependence on Russia is due to a structural and geographical nature: it is much easier to import gas through European pipelines than to have liquefied natural gas (LNG) transported from specially designed ships that come from overseas.
However, fortunately there can be a way to emancipate from this gas dependence and also mitigate climate change at the same time. That is, we need to encourage governments to push towards renewable energies.
Instead, due to the current sky-high gas and

Audi is working on filters that capture rubber particles from tires

Audi is working on filters that capture rubber particles from tires. Let’s see in detail this new revolutionary project!

The well-known German car manufacturer Audi is developing a road filtering system that collects environmentally damaging microparticles that tires leave behind on the streets from consequent wear.

It is important to bear in mind that the “zero emissions” goal is not for the engine of the car, but for tires as well. As they over time wear down on the asphalt and produce polluting particles.

They pollute because these microparticles are transported and dispersed by atmospheric agents everywhere: on land, underground, in the sewer system, and in bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers and oceans, which create serious environmental damage.

Fortunately, these revolutionary filters, developed by the Audi Environmental Foundation (the special division dedicated to the environment of the German manufacturer) in collaboration with the Technical University of Berlin, seem to have already had good results not only in the first laboratory tests but also in the field.

In fact, the researchers tested the UrbanFilters – as these special filters are called – on a particularly busy street in Berlin. The result was really surprising because they managed to

Zero emissions goal what changes with the war in Ukraine

Zero emissions goal: what changes with the war in Ukraine?

Zero emissions goal what changes with the war in Ukraine

“Zero emissions” goal: what changes with the war in Ukraine? Climate change seems to have taken a back seat, especially due to the rise in oil prices. But the future continues to be renewable energy.

The war marked the collapse of sustainability. The rise in oil prices and the shifting balance in global geopolitics could jeopardize the Paris and COP26 agreements, which took place last autumn in Glasgow.
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sadly made fossil fuels attractive to investors again, although it will be a short-term interest as Russian oil and gas dependent countries are accelerating their renewable energy programs to become independent faster.
The problem will be the delay in the emissions cuts necessary to prevent the worst effects of global warming. According to a new report by the United NationsIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Earth’s temperature will increase by 1.5 degrees Celsius in the next 20 years, which will alarmingly put the environment at risk.

War in Ukraine: the effects on the environment

The war has caused concerns for the environment. For example, due to the high oil prices, even if for a short time, there may be a need to

New York a perfect example of a sustainable and technologically innovative smart city

New York, a perfect example of a sustainable and technologically innovative smart city

New York a perfect example of a sustainable and technologically innovative smart city

For years, New York has been a perfect example of a sustainable and technologically innovative smart city. Why is that? Let’s see the reasons why together.

New York, aka “the city that never sleeps” or “the Big Apple” has it all: tall skyscrapers, a spectacular skyline, world-famous museums, iconic buildings and parks that can be recognized from movies, an endless number of restaurants and clubs and much more! In short, it is the metropolis where you can see and do pretty much everything.
And today, thanks to its many innovative transport, infrastructure and connectivity projects for the environment, it is the smart city par excellence. Pioneering technology has allowed its 8,500,000 residents to live in a place increasingly clean, comfortable and fair for all.
What exactly is a smart city?
As we saw in a few articles ago, it’s an intelligent and energetically self-sufficient city which guarantees its residents a high quality of life through the optimization and enhancement of infrastructures and services. An intelligent management system runs the entire resource management by implementing interconnected innovative solutions and digital technology such as IoT (Internet of Things), sustainable buildings, smart urban mobility, fiber optics, smart parking management, an integrated waste

Apple teams up with a South Korean company to develop Apple Car’s autonomous driving chip

To develop Apple Car’s autonomous driving chip

Apple teams up with a South Korean company to develop Apple Car’s autonomous driving chip

Big news! Apple teams up with a South Korean company to develop Apple Car’s autonomous driving chips. Here are all the latest details!

Apple is developing a chip for a never-before-seen autopilot system in a car for its highly anticipated self-driving electric vehicle, Apple Car.
According to some rumors from
TheElec, the chips and modules of this innovative Autopilot system will be developed with the help of an Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test Company (OSAT) based in South Korea.
This will be a very similar system to the one that Tesla had already implemented some time ago.

Apple Car: chips and modules

To be more precise, the order placed by Apple is not for the final chip -which would almost certainly be fabricated by Apple’s A-series and M-series chipmaker, namely TSMC but for the modules that will eventually be incorporated into the chip.

Historical suppliers Foxconn and Luxshare are also in the running of developing the Apple Car

According to Digitimes, Foxconn, the historical manufacturer behind most of the Taiwan-based iPhone models, and Luxshare Precision, the assembler behind AirPods and other China-based Apple devices, are also trying to help produce the alleged Apple Car.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: sustainability and zero emissions

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: sustainability and zero emissions

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics: sustainability and zero emissionsThe Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics were the symbol of zero-emission sustainability.

Less than six months after the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan, which had been postponed for a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics have recently been held in China.
It was a global event hosted during the pandemic that delivered on its commitment to making the Games “green, inclusive, open and clean“.
Now the question could be, how sustainable were they?

“Green” Games: the desire for sustainability

For Chinese President Xi Jinping, the Winter Olympics were a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that China can position itself as a superpower and leader in the fight against climate change. In fact, environmental sustainability was an important part of Beijing’s Olympic bid: one of the main promises made in 2015 by China was that it would create “the first zero-emission edition in history”, by offering sustainable mobility options and improving urban planning as well.
To achieve carbon neutrality, the Chinese government took steps to ensure the use of 100% renewable energy to power all Olympic facilities.

They did this by:

  • installing numerous wind and solar power plants,
  • reusing venues from the 2008 Olympic Games,