Benidorm is Spain’s First Smart Tourist Destination


Benidorm is Spain’s first Smart Tourist Destination. And now it’s making its debut into the Metaverse.

The spotlight is on Benidorm, the first Spanish city to obtain the “Smart Tourist Destination” certification.
What is a smart tourist? An international pioneering project that aims to guide the development of the tourism sector by incorporating innovation and technology into tourist destinations.

There are five fundamental criteria to be met in order to become part of this prestigious network:

  • governance,
  • innovation,
  • technology,
  • sustainability,
  • accessibility.

And Benidorm is Spain’s first city to meet all of them. Now let’s see what this city has to offer in better detail.

Benidorm: sustainable and technological tourist destination

“Sustainability” is the key word of Benidorm’s Costa Blanca, defined as the Miami of the Mediterranean: cars circulate between 6 and 18 miles per hour and tourists have access to electric scooters, bicycles, 9.5 square km of pedestrian areas and 83 miles of cycle paths.
As for the architecture, Benidorm has opted for vertical development that is evident with its speculator skyline located between the Sierra Gelada, Sierra Cortina and the natural sea parks, or its particular cocktail bars, defined as skybars, such as the Planta 20, located on the 26th floor of the Madeira hotel. It’s impossible not to mention the exclusive Intempo skyscraper that has 47 floors spread over 192 meters making it the highest resort in Europe, or the Grand Hotel Bali, 180 meters of pure futuristic architecture.
Much attention was also given to the management of water resources with the creation of Dinapsis, the Digital Operation Center that controls the urban water process and environmental protection.
The innovation of the Linea Verde app allows everyone to interact in real time with the Smart Office and report any problems or accidents in the city.
This Smart Office is the beating heart of the Benidorm Smart Destination project: the nerve center that studies the parameters in the name of avant-garde and technology and processes big data for a truly smart management of the city and its main resource, tourism.

Benidorm: the first tourist smart city to debut in the metaverse

Last May, a team of young people launched Benidorm Land, landing into the Metaverse: it is a pilot project in which users can enter a parallel world and walk virtually through the streets of the town, explore theme parks, hotels, restaurants and so on.
Next autumn, the main Twitch streamers and tiktokers are expected to promote this innovative project to the kids of Generation Z and among the very young of the Alpha Generation.

What’s more futuristic than that? 

Who knows, maybe there will also be space for Sotefin car parks in the metaverse!