Apple Car doesn’t exist yet, but everyone wants it

Source: Bloomberg via The Verge

According to a US survey, a good chunk of US drivers are convinced they will buy an Apple Car when (and if) it comes out, even more so than Elon Musk’s iconic Tesla.

It doesn’t exist yet but a good chunk of US motorists have already decided that this much-talked about Apple Car will be their next car. According to a survey carried out by Strategic Vision, in fact, 26% of US consumers would definitely consider to buy an Apple vehicle if it were already available. Indeed, apparently it is already the third most sought-after brand, preceded only by Toyota and Honda.

 “26% of customers state that they would “Definitely Consider” an Apple-branded vehicle in the future.  However, Apple’s strength doesn’t end here. What should concern others is that Apple generates a greater amount of love than any other automotive company”, says Strategic Vision President Alexander Edwards.”

Apple Car: the latest rumors 

The project, which began way back in 2008 under the name of Project Titan, seemed to only focus on autonomous driving.

The latest rumors speak of a full electric driverless car that wouldn’t need a steering wheel or pedals but instead the specially-designed interior would allow passengers to have their hands completely free: the cockpit would be a sort of “lounge” with an infotainment touchscreen system at the center.

So, when can we expect to see this car on the market? According to Ming Chi Kuo, an expert Apple analyst, this revolutionary car won’t be launched until 2025.

Apple: the new iPhone 14 has car crash detection 

Meanwhile, Cupertino has announced new important features: the latest iPhone 14 function, the Car Crash Detection, designed to detect severe car crashes in passenger cars. If you’re in a serious crash and unresponsive, your Apple device can automatically call emergency services on your behalf. A new feature that brings Apple closer and closer to the automotive world. 

Whenever Apple Car comes out from its hiding place in some bunker near Cupertino, what is certain is that it will surely be a gem of a car to keep safe.

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