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The Silomat carriage is the synthesis of 50 years of evolution and innovation. It is at the heart of the parking system as it is a device dedicated to the direct movement of vehicles.

The Silomat carriage summarises the most technologically advanced product offered today on the automatic parking market. It is the most compact complete movement carriage in the history of automatic parkings. The main functions of a vehicle movement carriage, that is, centring, lifting and transferring, are realised for the first time in one sole device which also boasts the best performance in terms of speed and space-saving compared to all its competitors. It is no coincidence that many companies in this sector avail of such technology when realising their own systems. Since its establishment, Sotefin SA has based its existence on the ability of its technicians to innovate and evolve its products with a view to continuous improvement in performance and reliability. Sotefin SA holds a variety of patents and trademarks known at global level. Sotefin technology is a reference point for all constructors in this sector and boasts numerous attempts at imitation.Automatic vehicle transfer carriage Silomat.

Quality is the objective constantly pursued over the years; still today, sustained by the excellent results it has achieved, Sotefin SA looks to the future with an objective to offer its clients solutions representing the standard for this sector.

The main evolutions of the vehicle transfer carriage can be summarised by the three products below which represent a true technological milestone in this sector:

Silomat ®


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