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For over 50 years Sotefin SA designs, builds and sells computer controlled automated parking systems. Sotefin SA HomeEmail Sotefin SAFavorites Sotefin SA
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Qualitative standards

SOTEFIN is particularly characterised for the high qualitative standards of its systems which, thanks to the control logic and software which is sophisticated but also stable and secure, allow the achievement of very high performance indexes.Even in the most difficult places parking solutions can be found.

As well as a reason for corporate pride, for all the staff this constitutes a stimulus to increase the design and technology gap which distinguishes the company and was created during over 50 years of success in designing and realising mechanised automatic parking systems.

SOTEFIN, certified according to standard ISO 9001:2008, is able to operate in the best way all over the world by virtue of efficient internal organisation and a precise activity of co-ordination and control, availing itself exclusively of the collaboration of foremost companies.


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