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For over 50 years Sotefin SA designs, builds and sells computer controlled automated parking systems. Sotefin SA HomeEmail Sotefin SAFavorites Sotefin SA
Automated parking systems by Sotefin SA
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Sotefin SA, thanks to its series of products, is able to satisfy almost every need: from small to large installations for fixed and casual users. Our systems guarantee high performance in extremely limited spaces, user-friendliness and easy maintenance, security and reliability.

Sotefin products are developed to meet the highest operative and quantitative standards in this sector. The fact that installations carried out over 40 years ago are still operational demonstrates the reliability of these products.

Sotefin products can satisfy almost all requirements relating to size and performance. In particular, the great versatility of Sotefin products allows parking systems to be developed practically "made to measure" both for new buildings and buildings needing renovation.Parking systems guarantee high performance in extremely limited spaces.

Each individual product is appropriately combined in a system suited to satisfying client requirements.

The main components of a Sotefin parking system are:

Vertical Transporters
Travelling towers
Pallet System
Silomat carriages
Turning platforms


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